Professional Development

Dealing with change has been my trademark since the beginning of my professional experience.

Driven by hardworking attitude, strong commitment, and dedication to Change Processes, I leverage a broad range of diverse experiences such as far-reaching roles in uncertain Medical environments, recruiting in IT & Digital, Career Transition and definition of Leadership Strategies.



·       Executive Coaching

  • Career Transition,
  • Leadership positions,
  • Burn Out, Bore Out, Brown Out,
  • Supervision, Expatriation-Inpatriation, Work-Life Balance)

·       Academic Coaching (Students, College, University, …)

·       MBTI Assessments (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)



My purpose as a coach of organizations is to accompany the collective and individuals to find their best alignment. I often say that my approach is to accompany them in order that they can “become “architect of their life, and co-build their eco-system”.
Being in intersection places and fostering the Medici Effect are the core of my passion.